Ever get creatively stuck? A good holiday and switching my creativity to other outlets always refreshes my heart. 

Lately, I have been studying plants, indoor plants to be exact. I just love how beautifully green and life giving plants are. I find myself thinking about creation, talking to Father God and understanding more about rest, about beauty and about art by taking care of plants. They are incredibly forgiving, they brighten up your home and they bring a lot of joy – well me anyway. 

So – been thinking of incorporating leaves into my calligraphy. I have had a play with mugs and some oil based pens. Its so satisfying making marks on ceramic surfaces. Its good to get inspired and not be too precious about who will like it, who will buy it or who cares about your work. 

Here are a few things I am learning for myseld at the moment. Create because its in your nature to do so. Share it because its positive. You never know who it will bless or inspire. Forget about trying to better than everyone else. Keep giving out of a pure heart and rest a lot. I’m learning to love what God inspires me to do and stop analysing it. Just create. 

 Here are some of my handpainted mugs with indoor plants on them. For sale. Email me! 


So in between having family time, making commissions, thinking about work and all things life filled.. stress tries to rear its ugly grumpy head. Finding peace and choosing peace is top priority. 

To live more, I am learning to do less. Actively fighting against the part of me that has to fix everything right now and manage more than is really necessary. Its a good inner adventure with Jesus at the helm steering me through, “You don’t need to do that now,” “Give me a moment of your time,” & “Wait a moment before you answer.” Peace is priority. Real inner Jesus full PEACE! YAY! 

enCourage live!

Hello everyone!

After 4 years of dithering, enCourageArt has finally made itself a website! Welcome to the blog of a creative who loves a lot of colour, gold embossing and all things beautiful! Here’s where you’ll find me sharing my heart, my questions and my inspiration.

Feel free to journey with me and share your thoughts. Have added a little “Shine Your LIGHT!” video… some of you may wonder, “Why is she doing this now?” My answer to you is why not?

Too many times we say, “I’ll do that later,” or “I’ll wait for the right timing.” Too many times the future doesn’t come. So here’s to shining a bit of encouragement your way and doing what I believe God has called me to… worship with everything I’ve got!