Cheryl Adamos Noutch

“What is in your hand that you are still not using?” 

This is the question that jolted my heart into a creative wrestle. At the time, I was a worship leader, a musician, a teacher and many other things. I was almost offended at the question. During that period, I had developed a lesion on my vocal cord, which made it difficult and painful to sing. I was worried about losing my voice when this question was presented to me. For those who know me, they know that singing is one of my greatest passions. To be a singer and to not be able to express my devotion to God through song was painful. 

The car ride home was spent chewing on the answer to that question. In the corner of my bedroom was a blank canvas that I had chosen to ignore for 10 years since leaving secondary school. I felt compelled to get some paint and do something with it. What started as one painting, turned into a week long stint of painting everyday. I woke up each day with fresh images in my head and a hunger to translate them to canvas. I woke up each day encouraged. 

I look back on that time and realise God was doing something new in my heart. I had placed a lot of my identity in my voice and that needed readdressing. While I was simply painting, exploring and learning how to paint, He was showing me what was in my hand that I didn’t know was there. 

To encourage means to place bravery into someone else. God was making me brave. Brave for a purpose. 


Whilst I paint, create scriptured calligraphy and collages, it is my passion to encourage others to unearth hidden gifts and talents through teaching and worship. There is so much hidden treasure in the soul of each person. Creativity is not a gift for a chosen few but the call to all creation.

I hope you are encouraged as you browse this site! 


E-mail cadamos1@gmail.com Hours Typically replies within 48 hours.

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